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The Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society

The Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society was formed to preserve knowledge of the history of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, of the people that worked the Canal, of the loads that were carried, of the boats that carried them, and of the unique culture associated with the Canal.  The Society currently recognises the contemporary value of the Canal in the leisure opportunities and diverse environmental experience that it provides for the potential benefit of all communities living alongside and in close proximity to the Canal.

The Society over the years has undertaken a number of improvement schemes along the Canal as well as organised educational walks, visits and a range of activities. Many of these involve the attendance of Kennet at Canal Festivals, holding special open days and hosting school visits. The Society also undertakes educational talks and takes its gazebo to events where Kennet is unable to attend. This rich programme of activities is scheduled to continue into the foreseeable future.

The Society’s members come from many backgrounds and include a friendly active group, who undertake the many activities involved in promoting the Canal to the public. Without these volunteers the Society would be unable to achieve its objectives.

Visit our YouTube channel to see our film “A Voyage of Discovery” along with other videos relative to the Society and Kennet.


The Society started in a small way in 1997.  It soon grew into an active force along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and evolved into the Charity it is today, owning the Heritage Boat Kennet.  This has enabled it and to carry on its main aims along the Canal corridor and beyond. Read more...


Here you will find information about the Society’s many activities along with upcoming events, Kennet’s travels, along with when it is open to the public. See Events...

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Clogs & Gansey

The Society produces a Newsletter Clogs & Gansey.  It contains news of the Society’s activities; it carries articles on the history of the Canal, including information on historic boats, the people that worked them, and the cargoes they carried; and it informs members of other canal-related activities and events. Read more...

Heritage Boat Kennet

The Society has owned heritage boat Kennet since 2011.  It was refurbished under a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant and has since travelled over 1400 miles taking its cargo of heritage to communities along the Canal.  It provides a focal point for most of the Society’s activities that take place along the Canal. Read more...