Clogs & Gansey


Clogs & Gansey is the Newsletter of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society.  It is currently produced three times a year and is distributed to the members of the Society either electronically or by hard copy depending on their personal choice.

It contains articles and features on the heritage of the Canal - focusing on boatmen and boatwomen, the boat families, the boats themselves and the infrastructure of the Canal.

But it also looks at the contemporary value of the Canal; where features have looked at leisure activities enjoyed on the Canal and the canal towpath along with discussing the environmental benefits of the Canal and the canal corridor.

The title Clogs & Gansey was inherited from a small fellowship, (principally composed of ex working boaters), which had existed prior to the formation of the Society.  The fellowship was committed to keeping the memory of commercial boating alive and preserving Leeds & Liverpool wide beam boats.  The fellowship had produced a newsletter, edited by Alan Holden, under the title Clogs & Gansey. (see start of video above)

The fellowship was subsumed into the newly formed Canal Society; but the Society retained the title Clogs & Gansey for its newsletter.  This was produced twice yearly, under the editorship of Mike Clarke, until 2017 when it moved to three times a year under the present editorial team.

The editorial team receives regular contributions from Society members and from the Society’s partners, but it is always pleased to receive more.  These should be submitted to the Editorial Team.