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Return of Freight to the L&L Canal

Recent Report Sparks Debate

A recent report prepared for council leaders and the West Yorkshire Mayor sparked a debate. The prospect of the return of freight carriage to the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

Keighley News asked the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society for a response to this report before publishing an article.

The Society prepared a welcoming reply. One which spelt out the many practical problems in making the proposal a reality. We have also invited David Lowe, a longstanding proponent for the return of freight to the Canal and a contributor to the original report, to comment on our response.

Please feel free to join in the debate and look out for further information and comments on our Newsfeed.

The debate will be covered in the next issue of Clogs & Gansey, due out this autumn, in which we will include a synopsis of the original report, our own response and David’s comments.

Leeds and Liverpool Canal Society Website

Welcome to our New Website

Leeds and Liverpool Canal Society Website

Welcome to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Society Website. The last year has been a difficult one for the Society. With no canal festivals, no school visits and no open days, it has been hard for us to spread our message celebrating the heritage of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.  But we haven’t been idle.

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Leeds and Liverpool Canal Society Website

Looking forward to being back

Looking Forward

We are looking forward to being back in action, however currently we do not know what restrictions we will be operating under for the rest of this season and for the foreseeable future. In preparation for a resumption of Kennet being open to the public we are currently revising the displays contained in the hold.

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