Kennet’s Travels

Time Lapse Video – 1st in a series

During Kennet’s journey from Bingley to Skipton last month, after being open in Shipley and Bingley a time lapse video was taken to give a “captains eye view”.

The video starts at the top of the 5 Rise Locks, Bingley and ended at Farnhill! – due to our 2 camera batteries running out – a lesson learnt – we must remember a battery charger next time.

The end result shows the continuous journey in approx. 10mins (approx. 3 hour in real time) and is now on our Youtube Channel. We hope you enjoy it and the other footage on the channel.

You will see the many swing bridges either open or appear to open as Kennet arrives at them. This is due to a member of the crew cycling along the towpath and opening them all. See if you can spot him. You will also see how important it is to be aware of other boat users with less experience.

The story however doesn’t finish there. We plan to make a series of these videos as Kennet travels along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.  This will show all aspects of the canal from industry to beautiful views.

Unfortunately it may be some time before the next one. Kennet is moored in Skipton waiting for plenty of rain to fill the reservoirs and the locks re-opened. This closure is widely publicised by the Canal & River Trust as one aspect of this very dry year.

Kennet’s next journey is from Skipton to the top of Greenberfield Locks where we moor her during the winter period.

If you fancy seeing the canal from a “captain’s viewpoint” then why not join us on our travels, by becoming a member.