Funding Kennet

Kennet @ Moorings - Winter

Kennet is owned, operated and cared for by the Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society.

The Society is a totally voluntary charity. Since Kennet’s full restoration in 2011-13 the Society has created a full maintenance cycle which covers a 6 year period. This covers regular day to day maintenance as well as major maintenance, including regular dry docking and painting.

When practical much of the work is carried out by volunteers in order to save costs, but there is still a requirement to employ professionals for the larger jobs and those where the volunteers do not have the experience.

Alongside the maintenance program a Budget has been produced which covers all the above costs along with the regular running costs and the inevitable unexpected repair required on a Heritage Boat. This currently averages some £5K a year, which has to be found through donations and sponsorships, as we have a policy of opening Kennet to the public without a charge.

In recent years the Society has also been looking at alternative ways to raise funds, through using Kennet as a “venue” for a variety of public events, such as arts productions, films, as well as making it available for private functions. Talks are also being given at organisation’s meeting rooms as well as on board Kennet. If you are interested in our talks about the Kennet, the Canal and its heritage or indeed using Kennet as a venue then please email.

Over the years Kennet has benefitted from some one-off income generation opportunities. Kennet was used to provide the opening sequence for an episode of the BBC2 series ‘Peaky Blinders’. This and a commission to support the Campaign for Wool provided a substantial contribution towards a year’s costs.

The Leeds & Liverpool Canal Society is now seeking to enlist the support of a wider range of sponsors who are enthused by the prospect of helping us and joining us in the fulfilment of the exciting and valuable journey which Kennet is on.

If you would like further information about how we can work with you to become a sponsor and provide you with an opportunity to be involved with Kennet please email.