However – for the Time Being

Visiting Saltaire

For the Time Being

Although we are currently unable to utilise heritage boat Kennet, we will continue to spread our message, celebrating the heritage of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at every available opportunity.

We will be mounting a display in Saltaire on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 June as part of the commemorations marking Saltaire’s 20th Anniversary as a designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

We will be reminding residents and visitors that it was the presence of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal that led to Titus Salt locating Saltaire village where it is; the Canal provided an essential transport link both to Leeds (and on to Hull) in one direction and to Liverpool in the other.

We will be including a display on the filming of Kennet at Saltaire for the popular television series Peaky Blinders. On the weekend following (Saturday 26 June) we will be mounting a display in Leeds as part of the Leeds Waterfront Festival.

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